Big Mess Decks


out not and ready for action barker barrett sweet switch slappy sunday surprise. bitchin’ new deck. perfect for anything you want to put in front of it.

coming in a couple weeks and a hella huge big thanks to mike, clifford, and the bl’ast! boys for collabing on this deck. so fucking hot, it’ll sting!!! take it now, or don’t ever expect to touch it again!!!!

as of today… sneak peek.

it’s been a solid past couple days. gone out street skating a lot lately, channeling some of the greats, barker, montesi, kelch, and a handful of others that i’ve looked up to style wise. relearning some old tricks and new grooves keeps me pacified, yet hungry to go back out and do it all over again tomorrow. ramps are being sprung up every where. spring fever is in the air. get ready for some summer time action.
thanks to john montesi and westside skateshop for this release. super solid, great all around dude.

new guest model out now

out now and just in time for summer. got no time to sit and gush about how radical this deck is and just how insane it is the john is so down for the cause. he is one, true to the core skate rat, has a heart of gold and a soul of iron. it has been an honor and a privilege working with john on a professional level and knowing him on a personal one. now, get the fuck out there and get some summer skate action going. get some!


Not only can Big Mess decks be found at various shops, parks, and hot spots littered all over the east coast, but now we are starting to strike out into the adventurous western hemisphere of the skateboard world.

I am super hyped and proud to announce that Big Mess decks are now available at the DELUXE Skate Shop in San Francisco, Ca.

Thanks to Matt for setting this up and making it happen.


Well, again here at Big Mess aka, the dream factory… haha.
Through a couple phone conversations back and forth John revealed to me that he always wanted to be a gorilla.
I am sure that it probably has something to do with the way he attacks his skateboarding or the way he has attacked every single occasion in his life to make himself ones of the gnarliest people to ever grace a skateboard or strut across this earth.
The cosmic forces must have been aligned properly for this, since SF to NY transplant and artist Chris Main had the idea of taking the famous Tobin Yelland shot of John in front of the Slayer sign and turn it into what you see here. A pure and classic depiction of honest to goodness radness and tribute.

I would like to thank Chris Main and John Cardiel for making this a reality and a very honorable dream come true for Big Mess.

This is planned to be released for an early to mid spring time. I will keep this updated with more info as it comes down the pipeline. Thanks.


The graphic is confirmed and getting inked at the moment. The shape and dimisions were discussed and a prototype is in the works. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.


I really want to thank everyone who took part in the BIG MESS BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

I would like to think it was a success and was something very fun to be able to offer and a way to give back my appreciation for everyone’s support and kind words over the past year since the birth of BIG MESS SKATEBOARDS.

I will be personally boxing everyone’s decks up and getting them out this week.
As for the “not-so Secret Santa” gift drawing, I will put the names into a hat and make the winning announcement on Dec. 10th.
Remember, those that purchased two or more boards, have two or more chances to win, than those that only purchased one deck.
1 deck =1 chance.
2 decks= 2 chances.
and so on…

I’ll keep everyone posted. Until then, pray for some drier, warmer weather…

Please keep coming back and checking out all that is new and all that is being offered far and wide to the skateboard community.

Thanks again.



“Gore, blood & bullets, death, being crushed and the brains coming out the ear. The skull with the dagger through and the snot, you know what I am saying.
Death, gore, dismemberment… ah, the whole sort of, go for it type thing.
After all, that is what skateboarding is all about.”

~ Alan Winters, Marketing Research Slash Skates 1987

Just in for the last part of the season and all geared up for your halloween creepy crawl from the “nickle and dime affair” that is Big Mess.

Two sizes one for the big boys and a regular 8 inch pop for the kiddies.


well, kinda more like a cool little name drop at the WASTED BOX shop opening in germany. here is a cool little flick to make us wish we could have been there too.

in more related current news, the sample shape have arrived and are being pressed right now. hoping to have the in hand and ready to go under foot, hopefully, by the middle of next week. deck is 9.25 wide with an adjustable wheelbase of 14.75-15.25. FUCKING SICK! GET ON ONE AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR STYLE OF SHRED.

and that’s not all, we have been busy, busy, little beavers here this week. well, maybe busy, busy. but the beaver part decided to stay home this week… <--- ha ha, that's a joke. don't get too bent out of shape.

i printed up some shirts for local, east coast, hot stuff shredder, the original skate mechanic, Steve Weston a.k.a Del*13.

i figure it is only proper etiquette and good form to give a tip of the proverbial hat to the living legends of skateboarding. If it weren’t for these guys breaking barriers with their boards, hopping fences, finding spots, barging pools, and searching out terrain that had never been thought of before, where would be we be now with skateboarding, or would we even be skateboarding? so, again i give a pleasant nod to the fore fathers of our sport and americas favorite past time and life style.


or in the wave of the future, types.


it’s that time again to release another deck with another awesome shape. it’s gonna be for the big footers this time. 9″ wide with a 15.5-16 inch wheelbase. i will still run some on the “mini-mess” shape that we have as well. but this one will be too sick too pass up. hell, even set it up as a cruiser. so, when you get pulled over by the cops for drunk skating, you don’t have to say anything, just point to the board.

good friday isn’t so good when you are stuck at work and rooting through facebook all day. have fun with your weekend shredders and stay tuned.