just a little summer travels and what not

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so,i lost my job and moved out of my home back in early march. decided to get back on the road and live the nomadic life for a little bit.
ran all over the country from side to side. slept on plenty of couches, floors, basements. skated some of the best spots, met, got reacquainted with some of the most true, real people i have ever met. times like this are so much more genuine than when i was a kid and traveling. i can appreciate it a bit more. and i for once i am thankful for my age and the realization that the friends i have made are just as important to me as my family. we share the same blood.

santa cruz decided that we should let bygones be bygones and stop picking on each other so much. so we shook hands and decided to put this little video and deck release together. hopefully, we can work some more in the future.

please help the cause by purchasing this deck. all the proceeds go directly back into future big mess releases.

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  1. kevin atkins

    Dude, the graphics on your board are kicking..You need that on a shirt…

    Oct 14, 2011 @ 8:54 am