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Well, again here at Big Mess aka, the dream factory… haha.
Through a couple phone conversations back and forth John revealed to me that he always wanted to be a gorilla.
I am sure that it probably has something to do with the way he attacks his skateboarding or the way he has attacked every single occasion in his life to make himself ones of the gnarliest people to ever grace a skateboard or strut across this earth.
The cosmic forces must have been aligned properly for this, since SF to NY transplant and artist Chris Main had the idea of taking the famous Tobin Yelland shot of John in front of the Slayer sign and turn it into what you see here. A pure and classic depiction of honest to goodness radness and tribute.

I would like to thank Chris Main and John Cardiel for making this a reality and a very honorable dream come true for Big Mess.

This is planned to be released for an early to mid spring time. I will keep this updated with more info as it comes down the pipeline. Thanks.